Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adventures in plant ownership

For whatever reason, I felt like I leveled up enough in life to the point where owning a  plant sounded like a good idea.  I should have left it at "sounded" because this last trip to Ikea led me to become a plant owner. 

And I didn't just buy any plant.  I bought a tiny, cute, finicky, S.O.B. of an orchid. 

Would you like to hear about the last time I was a plant owner?  My dad gave me a cactus that he budded(?) off from a cactus that was growing wildly out of control.  He claimed that I couldn't kill it even if I tried.  Well folks, my sister likes to remind that I am "less nurturing than a desert".  I also suppose this isn't a good time to bring up the last tiny, cute, plant entrapment from my premature adult life.  I was terribly mistaken and that cactus wasn't of the " brown-variety".  Ugh...

48 hours and I'm starting to lose hope.

Somebody send the plant whisperer.