Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ok, 2014. Let's do this.

OK 2014, this is our last chance to get it together. 

There are some things I really need to accomplish this month...

A mega stack of thank you cards
Finish a 2013 Christmas gift...
Figure out 2014 Christmas gifts
Eliminate the piles of boxes in my living room
Create an image for the business holiday sale
Craft a New Year card for the business
Craft a New Year letter for family
Dispose of my ill-fated orchid
Donate at least 1 item every day
Dispose of at least 1 item every day
Study 1 hour a day for my work licensure

Phew! I hate to say watch me crash and burn... But probably watch me crash and burn.

November was so stressful.  I wrote many blog posts from my phone all of which say "post failed". Apparently adding a picture from my phone is like entering a death spiral.  Add in a nexus 5 that refuses to connect to a PC and I've got more first world problems than I can shake a stick at. I promise whenever there is a time slightly more convenient than 2:38 am I will work on rectifying those posts. 

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