Wednesday, October 1, 2014


First day, how did I do?

My intentions were to spend a few minutes before bed reading a real book (the old fashioned kind with some type of cover and those paper pages that you actually need to physically turn) go to bed early, wake up early and start a daily habit of writing in the morning.   

I realize that I'm probably setting myself up for failure, because those are some radical changes to my current routines.  My typical bed time ritual involves attempting to play catch up on everything that I've put off for weeks, feeling bad about the things I already feel bad about for not doing, attempt to watch a little Netflix, get overstimulated by my smart phone and drag myself to bed in the wee hours of the morning.  Followed by waking up to my variety of alarms (phone and/or baby), realizing that I've over slept, sprinting through the shower, acknowledging that I'm going to be missing my first meeting and then slowing down to a glacial pace while I try to finish matting down my hair, fight with the  Nespresso machine and simulataneously echo locate my keys, wallet, phone and work badge.   

I've only illustrated the tip of my messy lifeberg, but clearly there are some big things that I want to change. 

I started  off my night with a compromise.  (Way to go, Andrea.  Way to hit the ground running!) I have bookshelves of neglected books that I have been meaning to read.  I have piles of books that I've never finished.  I realized I didn't want to drag through a book over the course of many months or even years, so I picked up a cookbook.  One filled with personal stories, and pages of interesting tidbits to make it seem more like a "real book".  I read until my eyes got heavy and took the natural cues from my body to drift off into dreamland.  When I of course decided to check my phone one more time.  An hour later and I was still sliding into bed before midnight. That counts, right?  Success!

However, I still managed to oversleep, still missed my early meeting, fumbled through my Rube Goldberg-eque morning routine and arrive at work slightly more well rested than usual.  This is a start.

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