Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ask and ye shall receive

Apparently it's easier to find time to blog than I thought.  All you need is one unruly baby that refuses to sleep and refuses to let you sleep.

Cue the walking, rocking, bottles, diapers, crying it out, is it teething? More walking, more rocking and the inevitable car ride.

Between my last hour and 45 minute stint to my current hour and counting I am beyond exhausted and hungry.  Thankfully there is a 24 hour drive thru by my house.  I generally eat healthy, but there are no words to describe my level of sadness when I learned I could not get the cheeseburger I planned on drowning my sorrows in.  Instead, I had to settle for oatmeal.  F'in oatmeal.  Who stress eats oatmeal?!?  Oh drive thru, I am disappointed in you.


  1. This might just be the saddest food related story I have ever heard! Go cheeseburger!

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