Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thirtying life spotlight - financial responsibility. Yay!

Reading that feels about as wonderful as I imagine licking sandpaper to be.  scrrrrrraaaapeh!  Scrrrape, Scrrrape, Scrape.

Scrapescrape. You get the point.

In this no-time life of mine, I've been putting off paying a medical bill from a series of mongrel tick bites I obtained at work last spring.  (yes, mongrel, really) My excuses were backing up and stacking up as my account must now be at least 3 months past due.  Put this on repeat: Where did that bill go? I don't know my login. Is it really safe to mail in my credit card number?  Where's my checkbook? Do I even have checks? what's this guarantor number thing I need? Where's that bill again? Ugh, I have to call? Really, I have to call? How much is that bill up to now?  I don't have time for this.  

Well the good news is the bill is paid and it took longer to write the above than it did to relay my payment information over the phone.  The bad news is I basically just shifted the debt to a credit card...  However, that is something I actually pay with regularity.  POINTS! Yay, Points!   

One small step for Thirtying, One giant leap for adultkind.

What else have I been putting off?  Time to get my responsible pants on. 

I probably wouldn't sit for two

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