Friday, October 17, 2014

Am i over blogging?

Is this it?  Am I over blogging?  I know I was taking some time to think about the voice and content of my blog, but after rocking my baby for the last hour and 45 minutes I really couldn't care less.  I've also been revisiting old blogs I used to follow and realized there was a reason I stopped visiting those sites.  For the most part I would rather read the news - a very thirtying thing to do, but I was also tired of feeling inadequate about not having a picture perfect life (thirtying) or even the time to shape a picture perfect post.  Time (thirtying, thirtying, thirtying). *sigh* That is a constant theme in my life.  I also get lifestyle envy (so thirtying) from all the beautifully decorated spaces and creative handmade items.  While I long for a life that allows me to do those things I am the most happy ignoring the mess, ignoring the projects and just spending time hearing my baby giggle. 

In some ways I'm glad thirty has brought with it a sense of urgency and a level of maturity where life pressures take the backseat and relationships with those I care about take the front.  Don't get me wrong there are still a million and a half things I want to change, but crafting a faux picture perfect glimpse into my life isn't one of them right now. 

I'm still not sure what will become of this. 

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